Nightbear: A Joel Marsh and Juel Taylor Film

An everyday bear-man suddenly finds himself inexplicably popping in and out of existence, anywhere and any-when. And it might not even be the first time...


In the summer of 2013, two USC students, Joel Marsh (future camera operator on shows like HBO's "Hacks" and Amazon's "The Consultant) and Juel Taylor (future writer / director of Netflix's "They Cloned Tyrone"), cast me in the title role of their short film, "Nightbear". The four-day shoot took us all over southern California, from inner-city, to lush forest, to barren desert, to bountiful lakeside, capturing some truly cinematic footage. Sadly, the audio of the film was lost shortly after wrapping. Despite intentions to finish the short with entirely rerecorded audio, years began to pass by as each of us moved on in our careers. In 2016, a rough, lower-resolution, incomplete cut of the film was shared with me, and in 2018, I took it upon myself to turn a bug into a feature and made that cut into a silent film, which I named "(Silent)Nightbear".


Ten years since we shot "Nightbear", I am finally releasing my silent cut, so at least some version of the project, however imperfect, can exist in the world. I hope you enjoy it! And who knows? Nightbear may yet pop-up again one day. I don't know if he can truly die...


Credits (Incomplete): Nightbear: Alex Denney Grocery Store Lady: Auden Bui Soldier: Chives: Constance: Amanda Martin Edited by: Alex Denney Written and Directed by: Joel Marsh and Juel Taylor Tony Rettenmaier Xavier Burgin


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Peter Kallinteris Agency

Peter Kallinteris


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Joy Kam


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