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Ahoy! Island Life with Alex Denney is an improvised interview podcast of pirate radio broadcasts from a man sailing the seas surrounding an island of talking animals! Archipela-go on an adventure with us at and!

Come see the first 'Island LIVE! with Alex Denney'on April 28th at ArtBar LA in Mar Vista, Los Angeles! Guests will include @islandlifepod regulars Ian Zandi as Damien the Fox and Adario Mercadante as Yammo the Hyena, along with the first appearances of Kat RebarKyle Rebar, and Greg Hoffman! Not to mention, there might be some other past guests in attendance - you'll have to see for yourself, and join the audience for this improvised show in an island bar full of talking animals (yes, that includes you)!

We'll be sharing the night with improv teams Requiem for a Scene and TIME COP, and then stick around and play yourself in the Improv Jam!

We will be recording the show as the 55th episode of the podcast - hear the other 54 at!


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